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Dear David

I'm in Sydney. We have Season Passes marked First-Run Only for the ABC HD Channel 20 programs 'Call the Midwife' and 'Gardening Australia'. The following episodes, all of which are repeats, are currently scheduled to be recorded. For Call the Midwife, Monday 12.10 am and 2 pm; Tuesday 12.28 am and 2.01 pm; and more. For Gardening Australia Monday 11.01 am and Tuesday 10.59 am and more. All these episodes are repeats. In general, I think that when these programs are shown outside prime time (say between 6 pm and 11 pm) they are repeats.
When Hybrid was operating none of these repeats would be scheduled if 'First-run Only' was selected. It would be very useful if that behaviour could be restored. At present, I have manually to remove all these daytime repeats from the 'To Do' list, which is a bother.
I (and I am sure others) hope that you can fix this.
I have set up the experiment, although it ended up being different from what I envisioned yesterday (and no doubt different to the way edcba wishes the problem could be solved). For one thing, the experiment applies Australia wide.
From tomorrow (August 5 about 2am AEST) when your tivo updates its guide info, it should see showings of Call The Midwife and Gardening Australia which are scheduled before 6pm as being in an episode called "Encore" (in either case). Your TiVo should be smart enough not to record those "Encore" episodes at least as long as you have an undeleted "Encore" episode.

In short, by Tuesday or Wednesday your season passes should stop recording those showings of Call the Midwife and Gardening Australia which are before 6pm (although you might need to keep one "Encore" episode on your TiVo to stop it recording more).
If the experiment goes well this week, I think I have a way to continue this indefinitely without much effort for those two series (assuming ABC keep showing repeats before 6pm and new episodes after 6pm).