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Thread: How do I change the Postcode

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    How do I change the Postcode

    I've just had my TiVo modded so one of the things I have to do is make my postcode my Capital city postcode which is 3000. I can see in the information that it's currently set to 3192 so my first job is obviously to change this....but how? Sorry am I missing something obvious and right in front of my face but how?

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    If you get program guide info downloaded successfully,don't change anything.When I modded my first Tivo,I didn't need to change any settings at all and it worked.(But unit died a few weeks later of unknown causes)
    I'm in the process of finishing of another mod to replace my first one and keeping original drive,and it's just torture.I had to set postcode to 3000 in "guided setup" because the original postcode didn't work.
    So look at "guided setup"
    Good luck.


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