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Thread: Tivo without MAK

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    Tivo without MAK

    I picked up a free Tivo and noticed in the Account and System Information section,there is no Media Access Key .(Just 3 categories,System Info,Copyrights, and Media Device Diagnostics)
    Did this machine ever have one? and is it possible to extract or recover it?


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    I'll try to give you a definitive answer andymoz:- No and no at the mo.

    Having said that, it depends on the status of the Tivo - has it been modded?

    If it has been modded, the MAK, if it had one in the first place could have been wiped with a C&DE, even if it hasn't been modded that could still be the case.

    There are a lot of Tivos out there without MAKs; many people don't use the link to PC.

    At the mo there isn't a way to restore a wiped MAK, but I'm sure our magnificent 'backroom boys' will crack it soon.

    I would imagine that if and when a MAK can be restored, they will also be on the verge of setting everyone up with a MAK....touchwood.

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    cpab,thanks for your reply.I'm not too bothered as it's a freebie,but I was checking it out before modding it.
    Just turned it on and noted and photographed the settings.
    My original Tivo,which I modded,died after about 2 weeks and I have no idea why.
    I now have 2 more units I found online and just want one working unit for myself.
    As I have discovered,it's pot luck what you get when obtaining old units when the owner doesn't know much about them.
    The other one I picked up has a MAK and the latest firmware version.

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    Hi cpab, Did you ever get a response as to how to restore a wiped MAK? I'm looking for a way to transfer recordings to my PC on a Series 3 oztivo modded box. Cheers

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    G'day Paul,

    Sorry, but no.

    I've tried a few different ideas, but nothing has worked and I haven't come across anyone yet with a fix.

    It may be worth searching US forums.

    I seem to have so many things to do, I'm trying to cram in whatever is flavour of the day.

    You may be better off trying to buy a Tivo with a MAK. I have 3 all modded. Rarely copy to PC these days, but handy to have a MAK, just for an important event.

    Best of luck.



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