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Thread: Help! My Tivo has died!

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    Help! My Tivo has died!

    I went to check the Tivo this morning and noticed no Green LED on front of unit.
    Switched on TV and no output on screen.
    Pulled out power and re-connected and hear hard drive spinning up,then nothing.
    There was a power failure in our area last night like most of Melbourne was encountering.

    I've disconnected it and now sitting on bench.
    What to do next?


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    If you keep the power supply plugged into the motherboard (it needs a load to function) you can use a multimeter to test the two voltages it produces:

    Yellow/black wires will show roughly 12 volts DC
    Red/Black wires will show roughly 5 volts DC

    When I say "roughly" I mean +/- 10% for tolerances. It won't be "spot on" the two figures quoted but near enough is good enough.

    If you have these then it is most likely the motherboard.
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