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Thread: Season Pass setup

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    Season Pass setup

    As you will see from my posts, I am a new TiVo owner, purchasing a few old one's and having then chipped.

    I set up a season pass to record the old upper class bogan series on ABC TV

    To date, it has recorded none, yet 3 episodes have aired.

    If I go Messages/Season Pass Manager/ it tells me this

    tick tick 1.Upper Middle Class Bogan (22ABC2/KIDS) >
    When I click SELECT it says
    There are no upcoming episodes
    tick tick You have a season pass to this program
    Then the usual 4 options to do with recording options,view upcoming episodes,cancel the season pass, don't do anything

    Have I got it set up right?

    Further, in other threads, I have said I keep getting a message telling me that the guide info is running out, but others tell me, if I leave it, it will update before that happens. The machine is always connected to my network.
    Today, on start up (left on overnight) it says
    Program info has run out, then the usual..connect to the Tivo service now, skip, delete message.

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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    After you had the chip modded, did you upgrade the software too? That's a requirement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodg View Post
    After you had the chip modded, did you upgrade the software too? That's a requirement.
    Yes, hdd was removed and flashed as per the boot from usb drive tutorial, and all is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viewer View Post
    Yes, hdd was removed and flashed as per the boot from usb drive tutorial, and all is fine.
    G'day again viewer,

    Are you in a country or city area? Forgive me for not going back through the history of your posts, but this may be an issue with your postcode. Then again, I could be wrong.

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    I am in 2450, but am using the postcode of my capital, Sydney 2000, due to only a small number of postcodes being supported at this stage.

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    Have you deleted the season pass and had another go? Did abc2 have a name change? Just grasping at straws for you viewer. Despite my timezone being out by 3 hours all season passes work fine for me.

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    Thanks..appreciating every answer.

    As the units were not mine, it took me ages to delete all the season passes, all the thumbs up/thumbs down, etc etc, but yes, did them all until my fingers nearly bled!! I don't know what else to really do, other than I last night, seeing it did not record, set it again to do so.


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    I think it's been pointed out, but at the moment the First-run Only setting isn't working on my Season Passes. TiVo is recording repeats as well as first runs. Also, the titles of individual programs within a series are not being recorded. For instance, in the ABC Channel 20 Sydney series Back Roads the titles of the locations where each program has been filmed are not being recorded.

    I thought I should mention these points again, so that when the volunteers have a chance they can try to fix them. Thanks in advance.

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