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Thread: Tivo Home Networking issues

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    Tivo Home Networking issues

    Raising this as it seems I am not alone,

    Got 3 Tivo's all modded and with the same MAK but in the last few days while they can all see each other on the home network the recordings do not show up as available, have been working fine since the mod so has something been done at the backend?

    All 3 Tivo's also initiallly seemed to be duplicated on my home network with not only the original tivo name from the old mothership advertised but a new name DVR-xxxx

    did tivo and router reboot etc but no change ... except that post the reboot the old tivo mothership assigned name no longer appears and they are listed as DVR-xxxx (where xxxx is the last 4 chars of the tivo service number)

    pytivo still works from desktop (not that I think its related) ... something on the backend change or something timing out with the loss of the tivo mothership?

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