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Thread: Failed While Negotiating

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    Failed While Negotiating

    Hi all

    My Tivo was modded and new software applied on Saturday and I was able to successfully update the new EPG fine that afternoon.

    However the 2 days since I get an error message for the EPG with connection unsuccessful. After pulling the power cord for a few hours and retrying I still got the same error.

    I decided to try Guided Setup but now in the Getting Program Info screen it fails each time with "Failed While Negotiating".

    I normally use my wifi adapter but I even took the Tivo into my computer room and connected directly by Ethernet. My PC can see the Tivo OK as can my Modem/Router which lists its as a Tivo and its IP address.

    I even entered the IP address directly into the Tivo but it still fails with the same error message. So it was not the WiFi adapter at least.

    As i can't complete the Guided Setup I can't even get to Tivo Central and the only option I get is to try again or pull power for 15 seconds none of which helped.

    Any ideas what causes the error and how to fix it.

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    I think we need some more information from you to help you further.

    Are you saying you get an error which says "Failed While Negotiating" when you Connect to TiVo Service? Does the error message say anything else? Does it happen before you get to Preparing/Loading/etc?
    Which Dial Code are your currently using? You can check that by going to Messages & Settings > Account & System Information >System Information and scroll down to Dial-in Configuration Code and look for a 3 digit number (followed by ", TFA=0"). If you are using OzTiVo software then you should expect that Dial Code to say 140.

    If your tivo is running OzTiVo software then you should have ssh access which (among other things) will let you transfer system files (including logs) from the tivo. If your PC is Windows, I suggest you download and install WinSCP on your PC. Then you can run WinSCP to copy files from your tivo (Host name = the IP address or DNS name of your tivo, Port number = "22" (the default), User name="root" and Password is whatever you set when installing the OzTiVo software). I suggest copying /var/log/tclient (and perhaps the old log, /var/log/Otclient) from the tivo, that should have some information about what happened during the attempt to connect to tivo service. If you are not sure how to interpret that, you could post excepts from the tclient log here.

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    On re-reading, I see you currently can't get to TiVo central because you are stuck in Guided Setup. So you can't check your Dial Code.

    Assuming your tivo is trying to do Guided Setup to OzTiVo service, we recommend in using the postcode of your closest state capital (.

    You could check
    in case one of them helps.

    If you get really stuck, one option is to try pulling out the drive and running TivoInstaller 0.6 again, to make sure your tivo is using dial code 140 and has ssh access installed.

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    Thanks David I did try pulling the hard drive and reran 0.6 again without luck. But after trying everything for 3 days without any success and still getting the same error I was told on Whirlpool I was likely to have had some software corruption, probably during the mod software upgrade

    I was kindly sent a very recent Tivo image from Phoenixdigital from Whirlpool and loaded that. Then I did a full clear and delete everything. Unfortunately it came at the cost of any existing programs on my Tivo hard drive.

    But my Tivo is now working like new since. The new OzTivo Program guide has updated successfully each day since and all is well.

    I am so happy my Tivo is back working again. Although I had an existing Tivo backup image it was a few years old and I learnt you needed to have one in the last month or so with all the recent mod changes.

    Thanks again for the assistance.

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