Are you currently having the same problems with your TiVo connection as I'm experiencing?
I live on the South Coast of NSW, about 160 kliks from Sydney.
A month ago my TiVo EPG started running out.
I did a restart. It didn't help. Then I noticed some info on the TiVo troubleshooting guide where you hold down a sequence of the remotes buttons. This seemed to fix the EPG.
Then a week ago I noticed the EPG was again not updating with only 2 days of the EPG left.
I went through the restart set up guide again. Now it gets to "TiVo has found a connection" but keeps stopping at (failed while configuring) with a message of Unrecoverable Error N18.
The trouble shooting guide has info about N18. Alluding that router port problems maybe causing N18 by the ISP blocking ports and Firewalls blocking connection.
As instructed I turned off my Windows Defender Firewall but it did sod all to fix the problem, and of course I straight away got told my PC was in mortal danger of enemy attack by nasty murderous zombie virus stuff if I didn't turn the Firewall back on!
I don't understand this ''port'' stuff and can't even find out how to find those ''maybe'' blocked port things.
On the TiVo trouble shooting guide it also says NOT to try and restart the Set Up Guide because the box will not let you watch your recorded programs. Which is what has happened.........Now I can't watch Tivo TV, or any of my recorded stuff.
I'm bloody well 'n' truly pissed off. Especially after I tried ringing TiVo's Aussie franchise called Hybrid TV Services for help. Guess what folks,,,they've disconnected their only known phone line to their TiVo Community.
Rotten Channel 7, who started all of the TiVo problems in Australia still gives out Hybrid's disconnected number of (02)89861700 if you ring their station for help. What a load of helpless useless crap!
So, in December 2016, in this supposedly mind expanding, inspiringly innovative, techy wonder world, the only support for TiVo problems in Australia is a very creaky old form of excruciatingly slow back and forth email system of an undetermined number of days. And it's too bloody bad if you want some friggin help at the weekend.
If our TiVo Network is gunna finally cark it completely at least these hidey heads at Hybrid should step up to the stump and give us the grist of things ahead.

I'm thinking about getting a Beyonwiz T4. It's claimed by some punters that the T4 has got a comparable Slow Motion Feature that's as good as TiVo.
I've enjoyed TiVo's brilliant top class seamlessly flowing Slow Motion feature for 8 years.
I naively thought all makes of PVR would have this fantastic function as has been told to me repeatedly by many retailers of PVR's.
But, troofbeknown, over the past few years I've had to take back 4 well known PVR's for refunds.
Namely, Humax, Panasonic, LG & Topfield.
Gottem home. Settem up. And each one of them only had a terrible jerky, frame, pause, press again to next frame etc,,etc,, Pure load of rubbish.
Definitely not Slow Motion
I started asking all retail floories to connect up their PVR's to a TV. Then I'd record and watch the Slow Motion replay in store with them. Before set up they'd usually quote from the PVR Guide and nearly always claim the PVR they're trying to flog has as good a Slow Motion as what I'd tell them I've got with TiVo.
And then they've all ended up looking sheepish and stupid because none of the PVR's had proper slow motion.
I've not been hunting up PVR's for over a year. But although I've left tons of instructions with every retailer in my part of the known universe, that I'd buy any new PVR models, whatever the price, with a good Slow Motion function, not one shop has called or emailed me.

Let me know about any TiVo connection bizz problems that could be locally related that ya know about.
Plus I'd dig to know of any real experience you've got about the Beyonwiz T4. Especially if you've seen its Slow Motion in action and how it stacks up alongside TiVo.

Fanx big heaps for your attention.