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Thread: updates to tvguide data

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    updates to tvguide data

    Ive updated the guide grabbing scripts, so hopefully the guide data will be more accurate.
    Also, Ive started investigating grabbing guide data from the new sky guide (presumably html5?)
    I can see guide data in there, but have to determine how to 'control' the guide webpage,
    i.e, it has click buttons for days, etc, but it is not a standard html button.
    Any html5 experts out there?


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    Lol, didn't know Vodafone had a tv guide for all channels. Managed to get it to display data for a specific day,
    it seems to be the same guide that we used to grab, that was from Saturn/Telstraclear.
    As the sky data from the sat is still unbelievably bad, almost as if they are deliberately creating bad data,
    then I will investigate pulling data from Vodafone.

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