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Thread: NZ quickflix & TIVO

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    NZ quickflix & TIVO


    Has anyone got probs downloading Quickflix via TIVO ?

    I'm in communication with Tivo, & they're looking at it. but one remark says its an "isolated" event.

    basically, i go to the menu to download a Quickflix movie (free ones as i dont trust the paid ones), and i'm getting errors when trying to downlaod it(it brings up an error message 'instantly' before it even attempts to get the movie

    Some movies download - but i've seen them dozens of times before. The ones i want yo watch - i cant

    how widespread is this issue ? this has been going on for months. not a recent issue

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    err, this forum is for series 1 tivos, not the one from Telecom.

    try geekzone.

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    We do have a section specific to S3 TiVoHD, but you will probably get more response on Geekzone. I have never tried using Quickflix sorry.

    TiVo Series3 TiVoHD x2

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