G'day All

Back again after about 4.5 years of satisfactory TiVo ownership.

Just in the last couple of weeks my TiVo has become very slow at responding to commands from the remote.
The remote shows the red led on button press and the TiVo shows a yellow led to acknowledge the press but it can take minutes to respond.
This can be anything from a channel change to any of the menu functions. It only does it now and then but when it does it drives me nuts.
The menu screens take a long time to refresh and it appears like the TiVo background is jerky as if it struggling to perform its standard house keeping.

I have a separate 1TB hard drive and although there is a lot stored, there is always plenty in the deleted folder. I have done nothing different recently so don't know what direction to take.

A google search show a similar problem with TiVo boxes in the UK but not AUS and nothing recent.

Any help or suggestions would be welcome because, as I said, it drives me nuts when it does it.