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Thread: New STB

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    New STB

    Long time user. Had to register to get back in. been so long I guess my user name has been purged.

    Anyway. My Strong STB has karcked it. So wondering what is the latest and greatest to replace it with? Is there is list somewhere on wiki or here? Don't use paytv just FTA.



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    I've moved this thread out of the TiVoHD forum as this question relates to Series One TiVo's.

    Take a look at the IR database

    It shows all the currently supported boxes that have codes loaded into the system.

    If you have not registered for the oztivo wiki, you will need to do this to access the database page

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Thanks Peter will do. Been awhile since I've had to do anything with the TiVO.



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