Ok, lots of fun in the last day or so... Before folks start nuking tivos, here's the deal.

IF you had a Tivo functioning on the emulator prior to 18 Aug., you should be able to soldier merrily on without issue. Note that you may or may not have guide data, but AFAIK this has nothing to do with the current headend fun. These aren't the 'droids you're looking for, move along.

IF you had a fresh Tivo (either brand new, or you did a Clear/Delete all), and connected to the emulator getting slice 26, you had to do a C/D all, IN ORDER TO GET THE UPDATED SLICE 26.

Slice 26 is now deprecated. I posted slice 27 this afternoon at 1pm; you should be able to just load it and go. AFAIK it will also work with new machines. Unfortunately I have no spare Tivo to test with, so y'all are my guniea pigs. Sorry about that. (well, OK, my DTivo arrived last week, but I can't nuke it just yet, still several shows to pull off of it first, besides it may require significant hackage before it works with the emulator)

This post explains how to see the station info; the version of headend you have is reflected thus:

Station xxxxxx/27