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Thread: Will a New Zealand Tivo work in Australia?

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    Will a New Zealand Tivo work in Australia?

    Will a Tivo purchased in a different country work in Australia?
    For example, if I were to purchase a non-activated tivo from NZ, would I be able to activate it here in Australia?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't (easily) find a reference.

    I'm guessing that there are systems in place to guard against this sort of thing occurring.
    But if there are, is there any way "around" these systems?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your answer is here:!&highlight=zealand

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    The Australian TiVo registration page will detect it as a non-Australian TiVo and not allow it.

    I have had a couple of people approach me for help after getting zero help from Hybrid to get the units working here, but in short you can't. The electronic serial TSN is stored in the large custom chip and not accessible, or changeable, like you used to be able to do with the Series 1 units.
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    If wonder if it still works in reverse? Our Australian TiVo is still going OK here in NZ. HybridTV must still make a profit from TiVo hardware sold in Oz (unlike NZ).

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    I now KNOW that a NZ Tivo will NOT work in Australia.
    Tivo's reasoning is that a unit must be repaired in the country of purchase, and if they allow transfers across the Tasman then customers will expect local support. This would cause many headaches for Tivo.
    Having said that, "Good Guy Tivo Australia" took pity on me and added my NZ-serial-numbered-Tivo" to the Australian pool. Thank you Tivo Australia.
    I was told that this was a one-off and since I am now aware of the rules, it won't be done again.

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