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Thread: CASPA message showing at bottom of TIVo Central menus

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    CASPA message showing at bottom of TIVo Central menus

    Hi, any help would be much appeciated!

    I have inadvertently pressed a series of buttons this morning on the remote control and as a result, there is a CASPA message at the bottom of the Tivo central menu, beneath "messages and settings" with a big yellow star and telling me to "se the iron lady, meryl streep, winner 2 academy awards blah, blah, out now on CASPA".

    I don't know how to get rid of it so if anyone can shed any light on what buttons I need to press to delete this message, I would be very grateful.


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    You didn't do anything.

    TiVo used to do this all the time, and they have just started doing it again.

    It is very annoying, and you can' t get rid of it.
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    that's bad news but thank you very much for replying!

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