Hi all,

I have a number of questions about the Tivo's capabilities, and how to get the best from a Tivo in a digital environment.

1. Can two Tivos be networked (wired ethernet) with one playing shows from the other?
Apart from the Tivos and a sound network infrastructure, what's required to arrange this?

2. I'm currently playing to a 4:3 analog (CRT) TV, and recording from an older Foxtel box.
I'd like to be able to record from a digital set-top box (to get FTA programs and dump Foxtel).
I've seen that a no. of people on these forums have done just that.
Are there any recommendations as to which set-top boxes are better?
Is there anything in particular I should consider when searching for / buying a STB for a Tivo?

3. When considering a digital TV replacement to run off a Tivo, what details should I be considering?
Native resolution? If so, what's optimal?
Anything else?

4. Digital TVs with an s-video port are thin on the ground now. Non-existant ? ;-)
What methods are being used to convert the s-video signal to HDMI?
I've seen a no. of s-video -> HDMI converters (up-scalers?).
If this is the best/preferred method, are there any recommendations as to what to look for (or shy away from)?

5. What resolution(s) will FTA be pumping out, that an S1 Tivo be able to record/replay?
Are any mods required to accommodate this wider screen format(?) ?

I've been running my Tivo for many years now, and am very appreciative of the work that has gone into (and still goes on) to enable this to occur.
Thank you.