The server motherboard has been replaced. Looks like it had bad caps.

This caused some issue like partitions becoming read-only and database backups failing.

This would also explains any weirdness in the last few weeks.

I intend to upgrade the OS one last time fairly soon (though I have been meaning to do that for months now, so we'll see).

This should serve as a reminder that this service could fails at any time. It's on life support, pretty much none of the original devs and maintainers are left and those that are don't run Tivo's any more (I don't, I've ugraded to Mythtv and HD).

I do intend to keep it running for the foreseeable future as I have friends and accointances that still use it, but I would recommend to anyone still using it to start looking at other options, Mythtv being one of them.