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Thread: Telecom giving away free TiVoHD to customers.

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    Telecom giving away free TiVoHD to customers.

    It seems Telecom are so keen to get rid of TiVos they are giving them away for free. To quote the person who has received theirs
    "Live in Henderson. Currently on Home lite broadband with 10GB monthly plan
    Had a telecom guy knock on our door at 6pm one night last week offering free tivo, signed up straight away.
    Checked with telecom following morning if the deal was correct.. told yes.. Tivo arrived by Courier yesterday morning , not yet connected though, hence question earlier.
    Guess, first thing to do would be to give Telecom a call and see if offer is on in your area, as the Guy did say they were doing it in our street.. "
    I almost wish I was a Telecom customer....almost.

    The only condition is that you sign up for 12 months with a $199 disconnection fee. I think I know what I might do...$199 is a cheap TiVoHD.
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