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Thread: Tivo HD freezing after update

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    Tivo HD freezing after update

    Hi All.

    I finnally got the permission to get an HD Tivo, after 8 or more years of failthful service from my US Series 1 unit.

    I put a bigger drive in it from the start and got three good days of service from it.

    I did notice on Saturday that there were a few options coming up saying they were disabled until after a schedules service update at 2am on Sunday morning.

    On Sunday afternoon I turned the TV on and have noticed that its stuck on "Welcome, Powering Up".

    I removed the power plug and put it back and it said it was doing an update and then moved to the "Welcome, Powering Up" screen and it has stayed there for 24hrs now.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Well I gave it a 2nd full reset (pull the plug, wait a minute and replug power in) and it recovered tonight.

    Hopefully a temporary glitch...


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    What type of hard disk did you put in? Wouldn't be a Western Digital "Green Power" drive by any chance?

    If it is then there's your problem as the recent models do not fully reset unless power is cycled, hence being stuck on the "Welcome, Powering Up" screen which is actually contained in the onboard PROM and not read from the hard disk.

    If you also select to do a reboot from the menus and the TiVo gives the same as you have experienced then this will be conclusive.

    It can be rectified. If it is a Western Digital then the hard disk needs a parameter change as per our Wiki entry here
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