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Thread: More Sky Woes

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    More Sky Woes

    My Sky box has recently started switching over at random to it's multiscreen view for sport. Showing 5 channels at once. Great if you like to watch a lot of sport but not if you only want to record one of the channels using TiVo as you have to press Exit to get out of it. Means I get hours of multiscreen rather than the channel I want. Do we have any solution to this?
    I've talked to Sky and they say it is a feature they introduced during the Olympics to 'further our enjoyment' and 'no you cannot turn it off'. Seems to me another way to get us to buy MySky
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    That's outrageous, putting in a feature like that to prevent recording.
    There are two solutions:
    1. Get a Dreambox satellite receiver
    2. Modify the Sky IR code set (in the TiVo) to transmit the Exit button before each channal change.

    I think the brits had a solution for the 'red dot' that Sky started putting on screen that had to be dismissed with a button. You could look into that. It may have just been a script that transmitted the code, seperate from the channel change.

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    If I remember correctly, the TiVo does transmit the channel change at the start of every recording regardless of whether it needs to change channels or not. So the idea to insert whatever keypress you need to dismiss the feature could be included in that.
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