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Thread: TiVo (zero) Support?

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    I suspect it is a software error that occurs only when certain circumstances happen. This can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause.

    The Warranty is 12 Months, and if it is deemed faulty it should be swapped out if it is within this period.

    That said a clear and delete everything does as the name says (including recordings), but in essence you start with an almost Virgin TiVo again. So you would likely get around the issue for a period of time and be no worse off than if you swapped units.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spektrum View Post
    I am still unsure how only a few units are affected and not others (their words) when we are all on the same hardware. Maybe different HW revisions. This would indicate mine is either (a) faulty, or (b) this HW revision contains a buggy firmware
    We are all running the same hardware revision. Hardware has been unchanged since the beginning. Even the onboard firmware is unchanged.

    What could, however, as Peter has pointed out is that for some reason your software has a flaw. I understand you want TiVo themselves to sort this out but at the same time if you want to try a known good software version and have a spare 160GB to 1TB SATA hard disk laying around I can send you the instructions on how to do it if you send me an email. Just a thought.
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