You know when you've Googled around for an hour or two, but still not found what you're looking for? But you're afraid to post on the internet in case someone tells you Google is your friend, or to search before posting. Well that's me.

So Ive got a series 1. I like tivoweb, endpad, 30 second skip, running cronjobs on the tivo and a few other niceties. Looking at TiVo HD in Aus I see to do anything smart, I need to re-prom it. Im OK with that, read up on it.

But what puzzles me is I dont see a ready supply of info on people who have seen the need to do this in Australia. Is that because the new TivO HD is so expensive no-one wants to risk breaking it? Or am I missing something here (like the right search string for my friend Google !) ? Or is the new TiVoHD just perfect in every respect (apart from price oh and the fact its no longer supported here)?

I mean wouldnt I want a TiVo HD not tied to channel 7, EPG as per the series 1, hacks and all, tivoweb ? THis is my first instinct in researching it (now Ive just bought an HD TV) ? I just know Im missing something here......