HI all,

I am new here so please forgive me if I have posted incorrectly or in the wrong spot, I shall try to get the hang of it here asap.

I have noticed when transferring recordings to my Desktop 2.8 ( and then onto a USB) that the files are really large.
A one hour show seems to take approx 3700 MB+.
So I am lucky if I can get a one hour show from a commercial network onto a 4 gig flash drive.
I believe I am recording in 576p Fixed.

My question is am I recording in the lowest possible resolution or smallest file size ??

Surely a one hour program (with extended recording and ads) should not take 4GB. I really don't need this stuff in super HD.
Do I need to go out and buy very large USB's or must I compress the files somehow?

Thanks in Advance,