Hello all - my TiVoHD 320GB unit is +- 2yrs old, I upgraded with the "approved" Western digital 1TB external HDD unit +- 1 year ago, and I have started to experience sluggish response since late last week. I have restarted the unit twice with no luck fixing the issue.

I am experiencing a 3-5 second delay between navigating menu items and starting or stopping playback of shows.

A general "Google" shows that a lot of recorded shows on an upgraded unit could cause slow response and there are third party memory upgrades which supposedly fix the issue, but soldering surface-mount memory chips to the TiVo's motherboard is too much hassle for something if it's not working as advertised.

Any advice as to what else I could look at? I am loathe to delete a bunch of shows or reformat the HDD just to see if the unit speeds up...

I have emailed a similar query to TiVo support, I couldn't phone since they've discontinued phone support. I don't hold out much hope for a speedy or meaningful response from them but will post here if I am pleasantly surprised and get a response which resolves my issue.

Thanks in advance.