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Thread: tivo wireless device gone offline

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    Question tivo wireless device gone offline

    has anybody had the problem of their wireless network in regards to tivo just stopping? Is mcAffee a problem. My Tivo desktop cant't find my Tivo and vice versa.Tried everything tivo suggested and "asked an expert", waiting to hear from them.Working fine until yesterday,thanks

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    Is this a TiVoHD? My first step would be to check your wireless router, to see if the TiVo is listed as a wireless client. Also check the TiVo's network diagnostics screen. Then I would disable McAfee, ZoneAlarm, Norton, or anything else you have installed.

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    I am assuming that your TiVo is still making calls correctly to get the guide data and just that you have lost communication with your PC. If this is the case then the Wireless part is working ok.

    Thought I would suggest the simplest suggestion first, turn off your PC, then reboot the TiVo. Once the TiVo is back on the main screen turn your PC on.

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