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Thread: Activate issue - very unhappy - ombudsman next

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    Activate issue - very unhappy - ombudsman next

    So I went to a Dick Smith Closing Down Sale. Bought a Tivo on extra extra special ($270) - was told it was returned by someone else but in perfect working order.

    And it is - it works perfectly. It is in fact my second unit. The first I paid $650 for.

    I bought this specifically for the ability to do some networking and sharing of recorded media - for the price, why not.

    When I tried to activate, the activation process a message said cannot activate we will contact/resolve in 24 hours ( seems the previous owner activated the machine). So I waited.

    It is now more than 21 days later, more than 4 more support requests later and heap of frustration later and still no response.

    I am now considering my options but would like to give them fair opportunity.

    Anyone got suggestions on how to resolve and what to do next?

    Taking back is not an option - the shop is now closed.

    Support is an obligation by TiVO. They promote, advertise and market support of their product and so reasonalbe timeframes for support is one thing, but failure or breakdown of support is another. And from what I see on this forum alone, I suspect there is opportunity for a class action for lack of support, certainly the office of fair trading and the ombudsman are also avenues for me to pursue, but that is for another day.

    I just need someone to jump on their server and reset the activation so that I can get on with my life. Seriously, 5 minutes work.

    thanks Adam

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    This is totally unacceptable. If it was me I would be sending them one more email stating you want immediate action to reset the TSN otherwise you will be taking it up with the relevant ombudsman.

    Seriously, TiVo Australia (Hybrid Television Services) have severely dropped the ball with support. Being someone who has been involved with TiVo units for almost a decade I wish I had a dollar for everyone who has emailed me and even before the main issue is discussed the opening line is usually "I have asked TiVo (Hybrid) and they have not answered my query". And this is not a recent thing. It has been from DAY ONE of the release of the TiVoHD into Australia.

    It's kind of been good in a way as I have been able to help out dozens of people with technical issues (dud power supplies, hard disks, etc) but the fact that Hybrid won't do their bit is worrying. They are losing sales as I know many people who simply WON'T buy a TiVo now because of the bad rep Hybrid have got through lack of support.

    It has got that bad even I no longer recommend people buy a TiVo.

    Good luck with your problem. Unfortunately I have no inside contacts (they hate me, for obvious reasons not being an official employee) so I can't help, sorry.
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    round about road

    thanks Darren - couldn't agree more. I did go to a different Dick Smith store and complained and found a helpful staff member.

    I suspect DS may have some support arrangements with Hybrid because the guy came back to me with an email address of a support tech at Hybrid. "Just email him with the details and he should fix it up' was what the DS staffer said.

    Have done that, yesterday.

    Will give them a few days.

    Here's hoping.

    Thanks again for the support - and for all those folks out there that are reading this, it just takes on of you to contact 'A Current Affair' or similar, it gets aired on TV once and everyone will come out of the woodwork making a class action against Hybrid a real possibility. It looks like my issue may be solved so someone else out there should really get stuck in, 'coz' really, customers should not have to put through hoops to get basic levels of service.


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    well my issue is now fixed. My Tivo units are 'talking' to each other and both correctly registered in my name. Still cannot see my self recommending TiVO to anyone. Can't remember having to jump hoops to get basic customer service. I won't bad mouth em, but I will tell my story to any one who asks.


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