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Thread: extremely unhappy Tivo owner here....

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    guess what ?

    i got a replacement tivo today !

    finally after jumping through many many hoops...

    have not set it up yet. ill do that when i get home from work.
    guess ill have to email them again to get the MAK ? (i assume it will change)


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    You just need to activate it on your mytivo account. the MAK will be the same as your old unit.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    yeah, i figured that out.


    the tivo was supposed to be pre activated (according to the documentation i got emailed to me)
    but it wasn't, and i had to go and add it to my account.

    anyway, the new tivo is set up, and so far has been faultless.

    im still waiting for them to send me the forms for returning the old one.
    they say that can take up to 6 weeks !


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    guess what ?

    the recording gremlins are back again in my newly replaced unit.
    not happy at all.

    gonna save for a new topfield and get rid of this useless piece of rubbish.
    i missed the F1 today because of the tivo's inability to record two overlapping programs on the same channel at the same time.

    it recorder the pre race show fine on 1HD. as soon as it tried to record the race propper (on 1HD) the race was all green **** scrambled. this happens everytime it tries to record two programs on the same ch stream.

    my topfield never had the same issues. the new topfields can do remote scheduling now, so no need to keep this ****box recorder anymore.

    sorry to vent here, but ive no one else that will listen.....

    @Darren ill probably contact you again to organise for you to have this thing.
    (assuming you still want it ?)


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    Quote Originally Posted by 85turbo View Post
    @Darren ill probably contact you again to organise for you to have this thing.
    (assuming you still want it ?)
    It's upsetting to hear you are still having issues that you shouldn't be having. I'm still happy to either take a look at it or whatever you want if it comes to that. Just send me an email.
    Darren King
    OzTiVo Repairs and Modifications
    If your TiVo requires repairs or modifications
    then visit:


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