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Thread: Tivo Bluetooth remote (with keyboard)

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    Tivo Bluetooth remote (with keyboard)

    Does anyone know if the Tivo Bluetooth remote as shown at will work with the Oz Series 3 Tivo?
    I'm hoping it might mean I can finally fully enable the Auto Energy saver feature on my LGTV and allow it to function as intended without the Tivo Remote being "blocked".
    I assume that, although the Bluetooth remote comes with a Bluetooth Dongle, the Tivo might also need internal support.
    Does the Network remote Control Setting have anything to do with this? If not, just what can be done through "Network remote Control"

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    It uses a bluetooth dongle connected to the TiVo's USB port, The TiVo needs "]software[/URL] support for the Dongle which we do not have. And since Hybrid are not selling it, we are unlikely to get support anytime soon as hybrid have to pay for all software work.

    The network remote allow other devices to talk to send remote commands to your TiVo via the network. For example there is an iPhone app available.

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