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Thread: Tivo Genie service - always get error occurred message

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    Tivo Genie service - always get error occurred message

    Hi. I've been in correspondence with Tivo support for some weeks now but I think they've given up on me. For about a month now whenever I click on any program in the schedule on the Tivo Genie website and click 'Record' I almost instantly get an error: "Error occurred: Please try again later". And in the top left I get "Error occurred #1286947344. Technical Error Occurred". This happens for any day, any program, any channel. It was working fine for me until about a month ago.

    Tivo Support have so far suggested:

    * a reboot of the Tivo (done)
    * a channel rescan (done)
    * checking there are no duplicate channels and deleting any duplicates (done)
    * checking the port settings on my router to ensure their recommended ports are open (done)

    Nothing has made any difference. I've tried logging into the Tivo Genie service from different PCs and different browsers and also used the Blackberry application with the same results each time.

    In all other respects my Tivo works fine: it connects to the service via wireless network each day. I can use Desktop Plus to move programs to and from my Tivo and PC and I can download CASPA movies. It's just the Genie scheduling service that appears to be the problem.

    When I've suggested that the Genie service may have a problem rather than me Tivo Support have not addressed this so, even if nobody has any answers, if anyone else is having a similar problem could you let me know so I can tell Tivo Support I'm not alone.

    Many thanks.


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    Sorry I have not seen or heard the issue you are experiencing.

    I have moved your thread to the TiVoHD area, as it does not apply to the original TiVo's.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    I have this problem occuring all the time. I haven't found an answer to correcting it and Tivo/Hybrid don't care to find out either.

    And, yes, Tivo support are dreadful. I have received pathetic, and obviously useless responses from them. The Genie service is very buggy and they don't care to fix it. Its a 2nd rate service and its not likely to get any better. Their support is very poor.

    Each time I have created a support ticket on this matter or others, they simply send a response with some specious logic. When I respond and explain this does nothing I get no response again. Again, this is not a one off - all my tickets have ended up this way.

    Use the TivoHD as well you can but don't expect Tivo/Hybrid to respond much as they haven't with me.

    Also, Peter - I think your memory is giving out. Just look down the threads and you will see I have already posted on this and you responded.
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