Yet another bug has cropped up on the TiVoHD. We tried to record a show ('Closeup') following the News, but the TiVo reported that it was already being recorded. It was within 15min of the end of the news, so the News end-padding was still being recorded. The 'now showing' list had only the News listed with the red recording symbol, and the 'to do' list did not have Closeup listed. The only way to record Closeup was to stop the News from recording, and then it was possible to record Closeup. The second tuner was not in use at the time.

I don't know if there is any point in submitting a bug report, since customer 'service' will prbably just close the help ticket, or make dumb suggestions.
Pete do you have a communications channel by which you can get bug reports to the HybridTV development team?