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Thread: why buy an Oztivo that only can record 1 program

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    why buy an Oztivo that only can record 1 program

    why would you want to buy an Oztivo that can only record one channel instead of a Tivo that can record 2 channels

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanted View Post
    G'day wanted,.,what a dopey answer to my question.
    Is there supposed to be an intelligent reason for the wiki stuff your answer alludes too.
    If there is I missed it.
    Perhaps you might like to expand on your unfunny attempt,.,it's got me stuffed at what you're on about mate.
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    Here is a comparison I posted on an auction:

    Once you've got TiVo, you won't want to watch TV without it!

    TiVo has the best user interface ever, MySky etc are poor imitations.

    You can fit a huge hard drive!

    Allows you to automatically record from any set-top-box (STB), examples include:
    Sky satellite
    Telstra cable TV
    Freeview satellite
    Freeview terrestrial

    With the addition of a PAL tuner you can record analog VHF/UHF broadcasts.
    With a 'dual audio input' modification you can record from two STBs (not simultaneously).

    Advantages over the offical NZ TiVoHD
    -WAY less software bugs!
    -record from STB
    -record analog broadcasts
    -guide data for 'additional' channels
    -much cheaper
    -add other cool software or hacks
    -customise advanced settings (eg 30 second skip, increase live TV buffer length)
    -connect via built-in dialup modem if you don't have broadband.

    Just so you can decide; disadvantages compared to TiVoHD:
    -standard definition
    -record only 1 channel at a time
    -computer skills required

    Comes with:
    -Remote control
    -Infrared transmitter 'IR blaster' (for controlling your STB)
    -power cord
    -HDD _Gb preloaded with TiVo software modified for NZ
    *does not include network card*

    Extras I can install if you win the auction:
    Network card
    Nice panel-mount network socket
    PAL analog tuner fitted
    Dual input modification

    Note that since this is a customised device you will need to be a little tech savvy for the odd maintenance or troubleshooting task.
    If you are in Christchurch I'm happy to give you a hand with it. Otherwise I can do a fresh software installation, ready for you to plug in and run through the 'guided setup' on your TV.

    We have both TiVoHD and a Series 1 TiVo (and a Series 2...)

    TiVo Series3 TiVoHD x2

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