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Thread: Suggestions welcome - How to get to the new digital world of FTA.

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    Suggestions welcome - How to get to the new digital world of FTA.

    I've been taking care of a Series 1 Philips setup since 2005, which my wife coerced my son in law to get for her back in 2005, originally on a dial up modem. I fitted a bigger disk, and a LAN connection when we finally got broadband, and it's been sweet as for the last 18mths. No Sky, no HD, still a CRT TV using RF FTA with a good aerial setup.
    Now- we've moved house. The RF is crap, and it's being phased out anyway, so I'm not going to bother fixing the aerials.
    otoh, the sat dish picks up 15 channels of Freeview FTA, but it only feeds one at a time to the RF input on my Tivo.

    I'd like to help pay back my free ride of the last few years (thanks guys, much appreciated, especially by the other half) by doing the IR codes for the Digitview 110 Freeview box we're using, if someone can point me in the right direction to make this happen.

    UPDATE 1/10/10: OK, now I found the IR database etc on OzTivo Twiki, once registered and logged in ( I can see the son-in-law's effort there from 2005!)

    busy me getting some education, and appreciating why s-i-l mumbled a bit about the effort to get tivo driving our vcr!
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    Series 1 Philips PTV300, PAL tuner, Turbonet, 200GB, OZtivo 1.5 (Dec 2006)
    DigitView 110, Sat digital FTA to get working

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    There is plenty of info on the oztivo site, in particular you probably want to start with CaptureIrCodesWithIrSliceCreator

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