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Thread: tivo hd fails to record audio on occasion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olorin Firesky View Post
    Out of old are your TiVos?
    Ours is just over 18 months old


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    Did you purchase the extended warranty through Harvey's? If so, I'd be sending it back. You'll have to pay for postage but they'll pay for posting it back. It'll cost you about $35 for postage, but that includes covering it for loss or damage and getting a confirmation of delivery. The likeliness is they'll send you back a brand new unit, in which case, make sure you've watched everything you have on it before sending it.

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    nope, no extended warranty here.

    i got mine direct from the tivo website, on one of their instalment plans.

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    i have just noticed that one tuner is dead.
    that's why i have been having recording issues.

    if i try to watch free to air tv, then switch tuners through the remote, one of them is all screwed up, bad audio,
    unwatchable green and pink artifacts all over the screen too. it's like white noise, but it's pink and green crap.

    ill ring them tomorrow and organise for a replacement unit.

    not happy.

    spent over $700 on this POS. lasted less than 1 year.

    depending upon how they handle this, ill not be buying another TIVO product. ever.

    now i wont be able to record any tv for god knows how long, and that really pisses me off, as i work nights so cant watch anything when it airs.

    ill keep this updated with my results.


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    just got off the phone with support.

    not very helpful. they say it's a reception issue.

    i don't see how this is possible, as it only effects one tuner, and it's only recently started to happen,
    after almost 1 year, doesn't effect the TV reception either.

    i call BS.

    i have to do some kind of diagnostic report now before they will look at it further.


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