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Thread: Season Pass - "Keep at most" setting

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    Season Pass - "Keep at most" setting

    According to this link
    the season pass should work like this:

    If I have "Keep at Most" set to 5 and "Delete when space needed" set, then when it needs to record the 6th program it will delete the very oldest and record teh new program.

    IT isn't working this way.
    I ahve it set as "Keep at Most" = 25. It records 25 episodes tehn stops recording more.

    Any suggestions?


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    It works for me the correct way, though I don't use KAM=25. Works fine for KAM=1 (for news) and KAM=5.

    Can you take a look at your todo list history and see what it gives as the reason new shows are not being recorded.

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