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Thread: Tivo not so smart

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    Tivo not so smart

    I have a season pass for BIG BANG THEORY on 99 Go channel. WHy can the tivo not record all 4 back to back eposodes on thursday nights.

    They are on the same channel

    It changes tuner for the first 2 and then the 3rd and 4th dont record..

    Any ideas why ?


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    There should be no reason if all it is recording is BBT.

    Have you checked the todo list history to see why it is not recording the last 2 episodes, I assume you have one conflicting recording on another channel.

    You are right, the TiVo is not smart enough to use only one tuner for back to back shows on the same channel when you have extend recordings enabled. This is something many people want fixed.

    When TiVo adds time to extend a show it blocks other shows using that Tuner until the recording is finished. So to record shows back to back and have each of them extended requires 2 tuners.

    You can manually get around this by changing the padding so the 2nd and 3rd episodes finish on time and do not get extended.

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