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Thread: CASPA on demand Feedback

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    Unhappy CASPA on demand Feedback


    I was just wondering if anyone knows a way that i can provide feedback to Tivo about the Caspa on demand?

    I am only new to Tivo, is in i received the box 2 days ago, but one of the main reasons i bought it was for the on demand content, which quite frankly is awful!!
    There is very little content and no options to view trailers, no search option (from what i can find) and did i mention very little content??
    My Mum has just got a Telstra T-Box and apart from having a smaller hard drive it seems to have all the other features of the Tivo but with a MUCH better on demand selection as well as trailers etc...

    Anyone know any plans to improve this?


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    There are almost 500 shows available using Caspa, but possibly not what you are after. The amount of content grows almost daily, but Hybrid to not have the purchasing clout of Telstra.

    There is a fairly up to date list here, maintained by a user.

    If you want you contact TiVo you should use the contact option on the mytivo website.

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    There may well be 500 shows available but there is a lot of B-grade rubbish.

    Take the "New Release" section for example, there are exactly 27 choices of films, of those i have heard of about 10 and would want to watch about 4 of them. I can think of about 20 other New Release films that i would want to watch.

    Also the way that CASPA looks and performs makes it seem even dodgier. There is very little synopsis and NO TRAILERS! so given the fact that i haven't even heard of many of the films available I'm not likely to want to purchase them.

    I know everyone has different tastes but I'm just saying if you are in this forum because you are thinking of purchasing a Tivo and you want On-Demand content, think twice before choosing Tivo... This is certainly no substitute for going to the Video Shop or downloading a movie from iTunes.

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    I love my TiVo but not for the Caspa content . Hopefully the content will improve with feedback and time.

    Cheers, K

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    caspa on demand

    hi, i have to disagree I have a list of about 15 movies I want to see that are currentlylisted on caspa....but with that said they could do with some more titles

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    My 6 months of CASPA movies that came with the purchase is finally up, and I had a hard job getting my $100 worth.
    Of the 22 movies I downloaded, there were none that I would have gone to the cinema or round the DVD hire store for.
    Of that 22: 2 bombed during download and had to be reloaded again, but I was refunded the cost, and 3 others froze up after 15 - 20 minutes of play, one resetting the TIVO.
    Add all of that to the numerous times I tried to get a movie and got a "CreatePurchaseException" message and wasn't able to download anything for a day or two.

    I really don't think I'll be putting any money into my CASPA wallet in the future.

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    yep, this has been discussed here.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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