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Thread: NZ TiVo Newbie? Start Here...

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    hey dude, yeah the information on my (or my alternative domain, -ugh) is out of date. should take it down, shifted that content onto the wiki site. tho that site is not intended to be an endpoint for people either, more for getting people started or pointed to the right direction at least. tho haven't bothered to update those pages, nor has anyone else tho, maybe noone can be bothered either or they dont like the site or the fact that its on, oh well... if anyone wants to put on a php wiki or something else by all means..

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    Emulator link on

    I had to go through the IP version of the .info site, because (is it just me?) the emulator link on the .net site goes to a topic editor...

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    Ok, great news on the headend info. I've been fighting it for over a week now and at least in my case the Tivo isn't groking the new FSID for UKTV or the addition of NoNag. So it's very helpful to know that the headend at least is kosher. Now I just need to figure out the method for telling the things there's a lineup change and we should be golden (and by we I mean those of us who have been on the emulator prior to last week or so).

    As for timezone, IIRC the proper setting is 0, as far as the machines are concerned we're all GMT. Regardless, if you're up and running ok, I'd go with the ain't broke don't fix it mentality...

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    A little gotcha - parental control

    An interesting little tip/trick - OK, it's only interesting because it happened to me... If your household permits, set your parental control on the Skybox to the most liberal setting. If the channel your Tivo is resting on has activated the parental control limit, the STB will be expecting the code, or a back arrow/return. When Tivo wakes up to record, the IR blaster's attempt to change the channel will fill the first three digits of the code, and you will record 30 - 60 minutes of the "Please enter password" screen. Doh!!

    Another way around it might be to program a return arrow at the beginning of every change channel command, but that just seems to hard...


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    If you ftp'ed the files across, it could be that they got transferred as text and got the line ending screwed up. I know, it happened to me.
    Just check the size of the files against the original ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by fixxer37
    I had to pull apart the add-all-Sky-channels txt and run the commands with out the shell bit as it reported unexpected end of file.
    I can't run LOADGUIDE or any other shell script downloaded from NZtivo. I can't even load the slice manually, I get an error on line 20.
    I did have an issue adding C4, and tried to re-run just that channel add, so perhaps this is the prob.
    It still doesn't answer the problem about the shell scripts not running... any ideas?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Yeah, that was solved a month or more now... I didn't bother posting a reply on the fix in this thread, another I think. Instead I've been working on the new wiki to make it clear for other newbies in the future... thanks anyway

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