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Thread: Newbie - OzTivo still going? Software versions/downloads

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    Cool Newbie - OzTivo still going? Software versions/downloads


    I just bought an oztivo from ebay, and am getting 'Failed. Service unavailable'onfirst call.

    Image is v3 rel 1.4 - should I upgrade? How/where from? Is Oztivo still going/ Latest date on wiki seems to be Feb 2010..

    Btw, I've done some investigation via telnet and most of the diagnostics on the wiki seem to work - with the exception that the wget returns a 301, not 200.

    Hope you can help.. missing my tivo from back in uk!


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    You should definitely reimage with the latest oztivo boot CD (v1.6.2), it has many improvements. Oztivo is still going strong.

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    And to add the "where from" details, go to our Prepare Disk page.

    They are dated Jun 2008, but will update when you run though the install process.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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