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    No sound

    G'day Everyone
    Back again after 5 months of solid TiVo use.
    In the last two days I have had a problem with the sound "disappearing" during playback of recorded programs.
    One was for about 30 min during the middle of a 1 hour show on channel 10 and the other was for the last 10 min of a show on Channel 9. In each case the picture was perfect with no sign of signal drop-off.
    Has anyone else had this problem and if so is the cause known and more importantly is there a cure?
    This is very annoying and has been the first real problem I have had with my TiVo.
    Note: I have the 1TB external drive
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    I had this happen about a year ago, but only on some 9HD shows. It lasted a few weeks and then disappeared.

    Never worked out what caused it (TiVo or other issues).

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    We had this issue about three months ago, but have not seen it since. Nothing changed on our setup, it just came right. We also never figured out why.

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