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Thread: TiVo - Wireless Adapter

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    TiVo - Wireless Adapter

    Is it necessary to use the TiVo branded wireless adapter wth the HD TiVo? I have a Netgear wireless adapter that I currently use with my old Series 1 TiVo, and was wondering whether I could just plug it into the Ethernet port on a new Series 3 HD TiVo.

    The other workaround I'm considering is to connect the TiVo to our laptop (which currently sits on our TV cabinet and serves as our media player and is wirelessly connected to our LAN) with a crossover cable to allow it to access the guide that way.

    Has anyone had any success with either of these options?


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    You can use a wireless bridge setup with the TiVo using the ethernet port. If it is currently working with your S1 it should work with the HD.

    Your laptop idea should also work but you need to run one of the internet connection sharing programs to allow the TiVo to use the Laptops Wireless connection.

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