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Thread: Saving & converting TiVo files

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    I also tried this without any luck although it did think a little harder whne I use Tivo with first caps out of frustration :-) However I am using an NZ HD tivo so it is possible the login might be different

    To clarify do you use the MAK address with any characters between the numbers/letters or do you scrunch it up to be a 12 digit alphanumberic sequence?

    If you use characters do you use an en dash? "-"

    If you get in can you change the login password - I am guessing not.



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    the username tivo needs to be all in lowercase.

    In Australia we have a 10 digit MAK and is all numbers, not alphanumeric. I have not heard of a 12 digit alphanumeric MAK, not saying it's wrong just have not heard of one. You just enter all the numbers no spaces, dashes etc.

    have you checked you MAK from the TiVo's menus to make sure you are entering the correct MAK? (Messages & Settings>Account & System Information>Media Access Key).

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Ah I am a dork - I read it as MAC not MAK - both equally dumb as passwords but the latter makes more sense :-)

    It works fine now..... thanks

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