Anyone use the AutoTransfer option to move videos from the PC to the Tivo?

Tivo Desktop (running 2.8) allow me to designate a folder or folders on my Hard drive that will auto upload the video files to my Tivo.

I have one such folder setup, called "AutoTransfer to Tivo" which will indeed result in a video file being uploaded, however Tivo then see's the name of all programs transferred as "AutoTransfer to Tivo" with an episode name of the actual file name of the program... this seems rather odd.

For example, if I had a file on my PC called "movie.mpg" and I place this in the folder "AutoTransfer to Tivo" then in my Now Playing List, this will show up as "AutoTransfer to Tivo" - and when I click into it I will see "movie" as the episode.

Anyone else tried this?