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    Offline XMLTV viewer


    Sorry if this is off topic or the wrong forum. But I'm looking for an offline viewer - for a PC - that works with the OzTivo XML feed. Ideally one that uses the Category value and can save searches.

    "Offline" means I download the data then use it on the laptop etc, when I'm disconnected from the net. Platform = Windows XP.

    I've looked at ZGuideTV but it crashes (even before the data config stage). I'm working with the developers

    TVG For Windows. Seems to want to use it's own grabber. Can't find a way to say "just use this xml file that I'll provide"

    Happy to have it use a local MySQL DB if that helps performance.

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    Sorry, I'm not aware of anyone using our XML data in this way.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    There is a number of available tools to view XMLTV offline.
    I've used Maxemum TV-Guide and similar. They are kind of slow when it comes to XMLTV files of large size.

    The other solution could be to covert xml -> html with tools listed here.

    Another possibly useful link.

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