I'm having a wierd problem with the new lineup on one of my UK OzTiVo boxes since the change (and yes, I'm only just getting around to looking at it now!). I have two other UK OzTiVo boxes and they handled the new Foxtel lineup changes just fine, despite the fact that I thought they were all set up identically, and all use the UK 2.5.5 image. The one with the problem doesn't see the new lineup and it doesn't let me change the lineup through Guided Setup either!

Of course as luck would have it, this is the wife's machine so I dare not reimage it. Nor do I dare tinker with the settings manually. I must say that I'm stumped, despite being able to resolve most of my issues myself in the past. Hopefully this will make sense to one of the esteemed members here!

When I do a GS, if I select any postcode other than the 02000 setting it was using originally I get the following message after the initial call:

No ariel or cable/digital terrestrial channel data
was found for your Postal Code.

Please try the Postal Code of a neighbouring
community that has the same or similar service
providers and arial channel lineup.

The same happens if I try select another service provider.

When I look at the tclient log file of the machine I see the following:

12/28:13:34:53: /tvbin/TClient: Current postalcode: 02000
12/28:13:34:53: /tvbin/TClient: getting headendID
12/28:13:34:53: /tvbin/TClient: getting headend ID List info
12/28:13:34:53: /tvbin/TClient: working on headend: dbobj309
12/28:13:34:53: /tvbin/TClient: Found TmsHeadendId = NS12015

I figure it is somehow using the wrong headend, because the log file of one of my tivos that works fine says:

12/28:06:11:48: /tvbin/TClient: Current postalcode: 02000
12/28:06:11:48: /tvbin/TClient: Nothing found so returning: |DBS-0
12/28:06:11:48: /tvbin/TClient: getting headendID
12/28:06:11:48: /tvbin/TClient: getting headend ID List info
12/28:06:11:48: /tvbin/TClient: working on headend: dbobj178
12/28:06:11:48: /tvbin/TClient: Found TmsHeadendId = NS02015

From what I can see, the Headend NS12015 has not been updated for the new lineup (I guess its obsolete) which shouldn't be a problem except that I can't seem to change the lineup through GS.

Is there a manual way to change the lineup for this TiVo? Or maybe a manual way to change the headend? I've looked at all the old documentation but haven't seen anything comprehensive enough on this topic.

Another thing that occurred to me is that maybe my UK TiVo has slipped off the list of the TiVo's using the UK image? Although I recall not being able to complete GS when this was the case, so I'm not confident about this being the problem.