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Thread: Missing guida data (Prime, MaoriTV)

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    Question Missing guide data (Prime, MaoriTV)

    As you've heard, both MaoriTV and Prime have refused to allow TiVo access to their guide data for various reasons. I'm not to affected by MaoriTV but Prime is a nuisance because I'd watch it more if I knew what was on.

    The TiVo guide just chunks it into 1-hour blocks and says to contact Prime or MaoriTV to ask for the guide.

    My personal opinion is that Maori TV have refused due to their ongoing spat with TVNZ over the Rugby, and Prime have refused because Prime is owned by Sky, and TiVo is a competitor to MySky - although their official line is that TiVo prevents them from collecting viewing statistics, somehow.

    Does anyone know what name/address we should write to in order to complain and/or request that the guide data be released? The only details I have for Prime are:
    0800 759 759 (SKY Customer service)
    SKY Television
    PO Box 9059
    however it would be better to have it more targeted to an individual or department.

    Also, does anyone want to co-ordinate a group petition to Prime and MaoriTV asking them to increase their viewership by playing with the TiVo users?

    I've also found some inaccuracies in the guide, so far for TV3. Missing episode info (Dora the Explorer) is causing it to record the same show from both TV3 and TV3+1, plus TV3 seems to be starting about 5min earlier than the TiVo is recording. There's another program (Wipeout) being listed as Simpsons, too. If I've found this many errors so far Im a bit worried about overall accuracy (or how well the station keep to their schedules)

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