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Thread: Wireless Adapter for TIVO

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    Wireless Adapter for TIVO

    I bought a Tivo and HNP and the wireless adapter about 6 weeks ago and we are loving it. Husband and I are not very good on technology so whilst I KNOW Tivo is not the cheapest option, it was simple and easy to use - so we LOVE it.

    So much so that we are now looking at buying a second Tivo for our bedroom.

    The weird thing is that both DSE and JBHI are out of stock of the wireless adapter and are telling me it is "end of life".

    Does anyone know what this means?

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    "End of Life" means that something is no longer being produced and is being either phased out or replaced with a newer model.

    I don't know if this is true for the wireless adapter or not but they are still for sale on the mytivo website.

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    yes that's what I thought Darryl. I did a ring around yesterday and found that some stores still have them. (2 x JBHIFI and 2 x DSE's in my area are out).

    Will go elsewhere. Thank you!
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