Hi there, not sure if this is the right forum, been a while since I've had anything to ask.

I have a Sony SVR-2000 TiVo running OzTiVo 1.6 Philips (installed 1.6 fresh from image, and have done update_oztivo to put it to latest image as at today). I bought it in Sep 2005 from the US and it has the original 30GB Quantum disk as well as a 300GB Seagate that I installed a few weeks after getting the TiVo. It's plugged into a Teac HDB840 set top box using S-Video.

Up to now, everything's been peachy.

However, about 2 days ago I noticed that the audio would just randomly drop out. At first I suspected this was the set top box, because a channel change would fix it for a while, but I realised that the audio would come back in that gap between the TiVo saying it had changed channels and the STB actually doing the change, so this led me to believe it must be TiVo related. I plugged in my iPod in place of the STB audio to verify this, and found I would still lose sound with this hookup. So, there appears to be some elusive problem with the TiVo.

I have found that if I unplug the S-Video connection for a few seconds then reconnect it, the sound comes back momentarily. I have taken a video of what happens: 3.3MB Quicktime 7 H.264 (there was a sort of click sound right as the audio dropped, but I was talking over it)

Sometimes it can take ages for the sound to drop, but right now it is happening near immediately.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it might be? I guess my first thoughts would be failing drives or perhaps a broken audio chip on the motherboard, but frankly I'm quite stumped. I haven't tried re-imaging or anything yet, thought I'd be better to post here and see if anyone had any pointers.