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Thread: Getting the internal modem working

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    Getting the internal modem working

    Well, I'm back. Kinda.

    Trying to help the guy whom bought my tivo to get it working with the internal modem.

    Currently it's set up to dial out using the network card, but he does not have a router at home.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction to do the following:

    • Change the daily call to use the internal modem, instead of NIC
    • Change the dialup number, username and password


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    There was a guide on how to do just that on
    steps were as follows:
    Check dial prefix
    dbget /State/PhoneConfig DialPrefix
    probably will return ,#401
    If it's blank leave it, otherwise change it to 0867:
    dbsetx /State/PhoneConfig DialPrefix 0867

    edit /etc/tclient.conf and comment out (put # at start) lines beginning with 127::
    Then add a new line
    127:12345: ord:
    where 12345 is the dialin number without 0867 (unless your dial prefix is blank, in which case include 0867).

    next edit /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.tivohack
    jump to the end (control-K V in Joe) and make sure the line which sets the DialPrefix is commented out like this #dbsetx /State/PhoneConfig DialPrefix ',#401'
    comment / uncomment the callwaiting line as you need.


    From my dialup days I seem to remember editing the files chap-secrets and pap-secrets, maybe take a look at them too.

    TiVo Series3 TiVoHD x2

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    The method really depends on which image you are running. It was a while ago, but the process I last used for the oztivo 1.6 images was:

    create a file called /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.local which contained:
    dbrm /State/PhoneConfig DialPrefix
    then make it executable:
    chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit.local

    and edit /etc/tclient.conf
    This removes the dial prefix in a similar manner to that suggested by Skolink, so use the full phone number in tclient.conf. (Note: port 8000 is for use in NZ).

    then edit the file /etc/pap-secrets
    *	*	password
    and /etc/ppp-options
    user username
    these two files probably have a placeholder for each of the fields which you can just edit, and the entries in the pap-secrets file are separated by tabs.

    Reboot and see if it works.

    If no go, then it is quite likely you'll need to modify the tivoapp binary to bypass the plain text login and just use pap authentication

    Hope this helps

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