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Thread: nzTiVo effort and state

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Stott View Post
    Will the new NZ TiVo allow for SD or does it assume that everyone can get HD? And I assume my two TiVos become junk at the point that we lose our wonderful free guide? The recent outage reminded me of how awful it is to have programs with date/time stamps instead of names.
    The TiVoHD is terrestrial digital only, and has no video inputs for a separate STB, so many New Zealanders will not be able to use it and will still need their Series 1.

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    Hi all, i'm currently hosting the guide server.

    The 1st thing I'd like to say is don't panic, the service is not going away any time soon.

    What has happened recently is that one of the main contributors, DJC, has signalled that he was going to be moving on, it then came up that a couple of the other core guys were also going to be moving on.

    So obviously there is a need to find replacements.

    I think some people feel that not much is heard from the guides team. Apart from the guide data issue that Jaidev has mentioned previously. The reason for that is that the guide team don't say much (even to each other), there is no great discussions or flurry of activity going on behind the scenes.

    The current setup is a well oiled machine, where each of the team members looks after their own side, spending a minimal amount of time on it.

    So if things get fixed by magic, that's also what it looks like to the other team members.

    Once it became evident that a few of the core members were leaving, the obvious thing to do is to look for replacements and if none can be found to gracefully shut it down over the next 18 months (my figure).

    I fully expect that we will find replacements.

    So while things sound scary right now, don't panic just yet.

    PS: I am still personally commited to this project.

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    Hi Wibble,

    Thanks for the re-assurance, I´d love to see this kept going as I have yet to come across any other PVR/Media system with the same userfriendliness and features. Happy to help with some HTML website maintenance if that is required. It was not my intention to do any scaremongering, but I didn´t just want to sit at the sidelines again while something I so regularly use breaks.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts.

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    At the risk of just another "me too" post, I'd just like to say that I also really appreciate all the work that's been done behind the scenes to allow us to use our ageing but still unparalleled TiVos!!

    I'm also happy to help out in whatever capacity I can - and to try and recruit too if possible. That said, any coding I could provide is likely to be more dangerous than helpful. But if there are other things I can do - such as helping with hosting the service (or the Wiki) or updating content on it - then I'm happy to do so.

    My background is technical - so I have a passing familiarity with web/html, Linux, development (though not PERL). But it's been a while since I did hands-on coding, so I'd be slow and, as mentioned above, probably dangerous. But happy to give things a shot ...

    Again thanks everyone for your help. We DO really appreciate everything that's done behind the scenes, and as a number of people have said I'm sure there are people willing and able to help if we know how ...

    Wibble - great to hear that you're still keen to continue on. DJC - thanks for your efforts too!


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    Why not use a Tivo message to find help??

    I took a look at the website tonight after finding my guide data for TV1 & TV2 fried (help!).

    I stumbled upon this thread and was quite surprised to see it has been running for a few days and I was unaware of it. Of course - I hardly ever refer to the website these days as the guide data service has been so reliable. I confess I have fallen into the habit anytime over the last few month that the GD goes bad, of just waiting until it magically fixes itself.

    Credit to the folks who maintain the service, but makes me feel that I have become dissociated from the NZ Tivo project. Only as its so reliable, not through lack of interest.

    If not many people are replying to requests for help, why not send a message to all users through the guide data as has been done when the channel lineup changes.

    There may be a lot more people out there who could help but no longer come to the website.

    Personally I'd love to help, I work in the IT area but do not posess the specific skills it sounds like are needed. Very happy to take on any work I could do, but know my limitations.

    The problem seems to be that as the founder members drift away (and no disrespect to them, the ride has been great so far and I for one am nothing but grateful!) that the people required to carry on would ideally be ready skilled up and ready to jump in and do the work.

    Might sound obvious, but perhaps the remaining efforts of the team could/should be directed at documenting/organising things so that others can assume the role without having to learn from scratch?

    Its an interesting thought for me that my kids are 11 years old now and they can't remember a world without Tivo...

    I echo a previous sentiment that I'm not happy to just let things die naturally, but whatever I can do to help in grunt work, effort, donations, whatever - I'm more than happy to offer.


    PS - anyone looking at the current guide data problems... ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaidev View Post
    ........As discussed about the nztivo site.
    We require someone willing to develop the nzTivo site, maintain it and update it, no one did bite at this offer,
    I can make a login for someone who is willing to do this. First of all it requires a update to the latest release of wikimedia. Or if you have better ideas and want the domain pointed to your nztivo creation I can facilitate that too.
    NO BITES!!!
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    Willing to help out. My strengths lie in backend work though, not front end interfaces. I'm a full-time Linux user and have been since '96.

    Languages: C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Lua, Tcl (though it's been a few years since I did any Tcl). Probably just about any scripting language given the APIs and a description of the language syntax, usually easily available. Looking at 12 years experience all up, 7 of which are professional employment, the other 5 working on projects (MUDs, Papaya mud client, TkTurf mud client) outside of university study.

    Specialist areas: SS7 and IP network programming, SLEE.

    Professionally I'm a Java and C++ software engineer working mostly with SLEE and SS7 (providing the interface that allows a SLEE programmer to send and receive SS7 messages).

    In terms of time, over the long term no more than a couple of hours per week. Obviously with any software effort there are busy and quiet times.

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    Zoia, you might want to send a PM to Jaidev or DJC as they do not visit here very often.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    Neilp, in post #15, asks if anyone is looking at the current guide problems.

    I'm not sure if his are the same as mine, but for the past two weeks or so I've been unable to reliably record the Six O'clock News on One. I've had a season pass to it for many years now and suddenly it's decided to record on some days and not others. I've deleted and reset it and no joy. I've currently got a manual recording going to make sure I don't miss it.

    Also, TV1 is now missing the whole of today, Tuesday 28 June.

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