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Thread: Australian Tivo users - Stand up and be counted

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    Australian Tivo users - Stand up and be counted

    I would just like for any existing or prospecting Tivo customer to stand up and be heard.

    With the 'new' release of the Tivo networking software, Tivo has unleashed a bombshell by trying to flog it for $199 !!! All that is required is to put a MAK key on the Tivo, then the desktop software will work!

    From what we can tell, the software is what is already available for free download ($29.95 for exended in the US), so they should have not been any real development costs.

    So, can I all ask that you show your objections to the massive price by writing to:

    The more feedback, the better chance we have of getting a reasonable cost for all.

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    I just went to the Contact Us form and wrote the following -

    Hi. I've been a TiVo customer since October 2008. I've been very happy with the service and have been looking forward to the Home Networking Package. I can remember reading in the media that this would be available this year in the "10's of dollars" price range.

    I see now you've released the package but it costs $199. How is that cost justified? How can the ability to copy files over a network the device is already connected to using software that's already freely available in the US cost nearly 30% of the purchase price of the box?

    I feel like I've been misled by the original cost estimate and can't believe you would charge so much for a feature that is relatively easy for you to provide but that sets your product apart for its competitors. I won't be buying the Home Network Package until there is a significant price drop.

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    I won't stop anyone from complaining to customer service, but so far others who have done so have either just got a generic reply to go to or no reply at all.

    If anyone has anything sensible from customer service, please post the details here.

    Only some of the options have been released so far. Robbee has promised the full package options will be available on the site by Sunday.

    Some are already available here.

    Please search this forum and our Website for your TiVo questions before starting a new thread. Thanks!

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    I just received this reply from the TiVo Support.

    Hi David,

    Thank you for your feedback about the Home Network Package.

    As a result of the number of comments we have received, we have taken the following actions...

    1. There is now a policy on our website that clarifies our pricing strategy. To learn more about this please go here:

    2. For existing TiVo owners who wish to purchase HNP - we are running a limited offer to midnight 1 April 2009 where you log into your mytivo account ( and see an offer to get the HNP for $99 on the My Account Dashboard page. This offer will be LIVE from midnight tonight EST 20 March 2009.

    3. All existing TiVo owners who have purchased HNP for $199 between 17 March and today's date will receive a credit for $100. This credit for $100 will only apply to HNP purchases made up to 1 April 2009.

    4. From 1 April 2009 onwards - the singular price of the HNP will be $199 and you will see it being bundled with other great products and services in our range. Stay tuned.

    Please note, the HNP is not available in retail stores at this time - online purchase only.

    Thank you again for your email, apologies for taking longer to get back to you. If you have been communicating directly to our CEO, please contact us via to avoid delay.

    We hope this response has been of assistance and as a valued customer we appreciate your feedback.

    For any future enquires related to this issue please reply to this message leaving the reference number in the subject.

    Remember you can always find out about TiVo's latest features and find help for a number of common queries at:


    TiVo Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by fruv View Post
    I just received this reply from the TiVo Support.
    Me too

    Don't think I will be bending over for this 'reduced price' offer either
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